Ambient Oaks Photography is based in Northampton, MA and was created to help individuals strengthen their personal connections with the natural world. Photographs of natural habitats and wildlife are made by Karissa Rigali and shared through seasonal portfolios, photography prints and note cards.
Photographs depict natural scenes reflecting moods and emotions that can feel relatable to the human experience. At the same time, the images offer a glimpse of the world from a perspective outside our own. The experiences and reflections that bring these photographs to life provide invaluable support for my mental health and wellbeing, promote empathy and compassion and help me embrace my/our existence. I hope that Ambient Oaks inspires you to explore how engaging with the natural world can be a support for your mental health, wellbeing and perspectives, too.
In order for community members to experience the many benefits that healthy, natural environments have to offer, these spaces need to be safe and accessible for all. 10% of every photography print and note card purchase is donated to an organization that aligns with Ambient Oaks values to help support this vision, and/or supports mental health and wellness in other valuable ways.
The current organization is listed here and will change periodically.
Organizations considered include those that help conserve and protect natural environments; protect and rehabilitate wildlife; make natural environments more accessible for folks in urban areas; make living environments and natural resources healthier for communities; promote safety, diversity, and inclusivity in natural environments and/or provide mental health support.
I welcome suggestions for organizations that are meaningful to you and your community. Please email me at 
Thank you.
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